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helen racanelli

Hi! I’m Helen! I’m a mom, wife, lifestyle journalist and a content creator! Some of you know me from my YouTube channel Shrimpy McGee.

Hmm. What else would you like to know about me? I’m a 40-something she/her Canadian who identifies as POC or a WOC, you get the drift. I’m a breast cancer patient who has gone through chemotherapy, a mastectomy and a breast reconstruction.

The story behind the name Shrimpy McGee is that when I decided to make a YouTube channel, I was a bit worried about how it would impact my career as a lifestyle journalist…if a new publication Googled my name, would Rogaine videos with my big bald spot pop up? Not the professional image I wanted to project.

Thus, I came up with something kind of meaningless but cute: Shrimpy (I’m actually a normal size, in case you were wondering) and McGee, my husband’s last name. I always loved the name Shrimpy from my Downton Abbey-watching days (he was a minor character) and McGee was just a natural fit! So there you have it.

I’ve lost all my hair (chemo), grown in back (pixie) only to lose some of it again. Yikes! And that’s where we are now.

So thank you for joining me! I’m committed to bringing you a real, from-the-heart experience of my hair loss and hair care journey (plus other fun stuff too). Hopefully the tips you find on this site and on my channel help you out!

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helen racanelli